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Various ways in which you can appear on Hawaii Hostels Guide.

Standard Listing

Standard listings give you a link with a short description to a page on this site containing detailed information about your site/company, from all regional and category pages which are related to your listing. Links to your website will also appear on our detail page about your site/company.


  • You must submit your site to Hawaii Hostels Guide.
  • Your site/company must relate to the topic of hostels or budget travel in Hawaii

Featured Listing

Featured listings give you all the benefits of the standard listing, as well as qualifying you to be in the pool for a FREE block ad displayed in the top right hand corner of every page where your site applies to the content of the page. Featured Listings Ads link directly to the website of the site or company being featured. This provides you with the opportunity to have a link to your site on top level region and category pages, as well as the potential to get a link straight from the root, or homepage of Who will appear at any given time is based on several factors.


  • Standard listing on Hawaii Hostels Guide.
  • A hyperlink from your site to the appropriate page on

Recomended Listing

Recomended listings appear at the top of any search, regional or category page related to your site. Recomended listing qualification is solely determined by users of Hawaii Hostels Guide. Up to 3 recomended listings may appear at any time. Who will appear at any given time is based on several factors.


  • Standard listing on Hawaii Hostels Guide.
  • At least three reviews of your site/company posted within the last 30 days.
  • An average user review rating of at least 4.0 for your site/company during the last 30 days.

Custom Listing

Individual listings detail pages on Hawaii Hostels Guide are generated by a set template, from information stored in our databse. Because of this there is a rather limited format for standard listings, as it needs to be able to apply to any type of listing. If you feel that your site or company would benefit by adding information, or making changes to the layout, we are open to working with you. Because Hawaii Hostels Guide is a non commercial site and all of our features and services are free of charge, we do ask that you publish a link to us on the bottom of your homepage in exchange for customization of your page here.

The ability for you to recieve bookings or other inquiries direct from Hawaii Hostels Guide, is probably the most valueable custom feature we offer. We can add a "BOOK NOW" or "CONTACT US" button to your page that opens a form for the site user to fill out which will then send the Booking Request, or other request, directly to the email address of your choice. If you accept direct bookings we can have a Book Now button direct users to your booking engine, which is much more likely to result in a transaction for you than just a link to your homepage. Other options for customization include but are not limited to, extra images, subpages, bulleted lists, specify link text and urls for additional links, and basically anything whithin the realm of our capabilities that you think will help your site.

If you feel that you could benefit from customization, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Who will appear ?

Our techies have devised a clever system of determining which listings appear in the "Featured" and "Recomended" areas of the site. Any listing may qualify for Featured Listing Ads by publishing a link to Hawaii Hostels Guide, or for placement in our Recomended Listings by maintaining a high volume of positve user reviews .

A listing which meets the display criteria for the special listing types is included in the potential display pool. When a user visits a page on Hawaii Hostels Guide our listing engine compares all qualifying listings based on such criteria as, average user review score, number of user reviews posted, requests for detail page, and inbound/outbound popularity of links to and from your site, as well as several other factors.

Link to us

If your site is listed on Hawaii Hostels Guide, placing a link to us on your site automaticaly qualifies you to be in the pool for our Featured Listings. Your link text should contain your city and category, and should point to the city directory for your site. for example if you run a tour company in Honolulu your link should point to our main Honolulu page.

eg. Honolulu Tours Guide

<a href="
/Oahu/Honolulu/"> Honolulu Tours Guide </a>

If you are not located in Hawaii and wish to link to us from a website that is related to hostels, or budget travel please contact our editors. We may be able to link to your site in our world hostels page, or other travel resources. If your site is not related in any way to Hawaii, Hostels, or Budget Travel, we will not be able to list or link to you.

Regardless of whether or not a site is relevent to our topics, we will ABSOLUTLEY NOT LIST OR LINK TO, web sites or domains which....

  • Have pages banned from Google or Yahoo.
  • Are link farms or contain hundreds of links and little else
  • Maintain links to or from link farms
  • Practice cloaking or use more than one domain to point to the same file content.
  • Contain little or no unique or useful information
  • Are affiliates of sites already listed or linked from this site
  • Make inappropriate use of popup or popunder windows
  • Exchange links with multiple sites that have no relation to thier content
  • Employ any questionable or "Black Hat" SEO practices ie keyword spamming, or invisible text

If you are employing any of the above we strongly urge you not to. Most if not all of these techinques do not work, or if they do it only works till you are caught. The cost of being caught doing things that are counter productive to search engine users can range from ranking penalties to a permanent oughtright ban from search engines. In most cases sites that are relevent to the topic they are targeting would rank much higher without these tactics, especially in Google, which is the most important of the big three. Search engines are constanly attempting to improve thier ranking systems to provide thier users with results that point to the most useful content on thier search topics. Having said that, the best possible method of "SEO" is to provide as much original and useful content as possible on a cohesive topic or set of topics.

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