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Kailua is famous around the world for the pristine beaches of Kailua Bay. The most well know beach is Lanikai, which due to its crystal clear waters and fine powder white sand beaches, has been awarded the honor of Worlds Best Beach many times over by several travel guides. Kailua Beach Park, though less known is equally beautiful. The Hawaii tradewinds provide a steady breeze on the beaches of Kailua Bay, keeping beachgoers cool as they bathe in the warm Hawaiian sun, or partake in one of the many water activities available at Kailua\'s beaches.

Sailboarders, kiteboarders, and windsurfers, consider Kailua Bay heaven on earth. Becasue of its tranquil sheltered waters, and cool steady breeze, the waters off Kailua are one of the best places anywhere in the world to enjoy many different water sports. Kailua offers many shops and tour companies where you can rent equipment, or join a guided tour for snorkeling, kayaking, sailboarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, para-sailing and more. If you love baby powder fine white sand beaches,

Kailua Listings

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