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Gunstock Ranch

Gunstock Ranch offers a wide veriety of trail rides with well mannered horses and tour guides. They are the only ranch on O'ahu that offers moonlight rides, a perfect romantic treat for your special someone. They have tours for advanced riders, children ages 2-7 years, and for those who just want to relax and enjoy the scenery. They even offer a 4 hour tour that icludes lunch for guest who are looking for a longer riding experience.

The prices are extremely reasonable for the quality service and experience you will recieve at Gunstock Ranch.

Gunstock Ranch
56-250 Kamehameha Hwy
Honolulu HI, 96731
Phone: (808) 341-3995


User Reviews

Rating scale: 1=Poor, 2=Fair, 3=Acceptable, 4=Good, 5=Excelent

Review by: Stacey     E-mail: Private
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2007-05-17 23:11:29

Comments: OUSTANDING RANCH! Well mannered horses, friendly guides, BEAUTIFUL scenery! Rode there many times and will continue too! Not sure what the person below is talking about as far as lacking first aid. The guides are first aid/cpr trained and also carry first aid kits in their saddle bags on every ride. Also have some military working on the ranch that are First Responders/borderline EMTs. I would recommend this ranch to anyone to make their Hawaiian vacation complete!!!!

Review by: Nathan Lawrence     E-mail:
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2007-03-22 22:07:00

Comments: Gunstock Ranch is terrific in every way. The scenary is spectacular and the trail guides are fantastic.

Review by: Kari A.     E-mail: Private
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2007-03-22 12:39:25

Comments: The Gunstock Ranch horses are very well mannered and the guides are personable and competent. My children made a new friend while on our trail ride (their horse). A pleasant and relaxed afternoon ride with beautiful views. We were able to converse with our children and other riders. I highly recommend Gunstock Ranch trail rides.

Review by: Barry Smith     E-mail: Private
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2007-03-22 02:57:49

Comments: Gunstock Ranch was one of the funnest experiences our family has ever had in Hawaii. We go back year after year. . . All of our friends that we have sent there said it was terrific. It is just down the road from the Polynesian Cultural Center, so my suggestion is to do the trailride in the morning - then go to the PCC when it opens in the afternoon. It is also just across the highway from Malaekahana Beach Park.

Review by: Kris Anne Gustavson     E-mail:
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2007-03-20 10:44:51

Comments: I have been trail riding at Gunstock Ranch every time I go to Hawaii for years and have loved it. I find the personnel experienced and qualified and very helpful and friendly. The horses are a delight and the view is to die for. I saw the post about the personnel not knowing anything about first aid (I've never had a chance to test this out as we have expereinced no incidents in the many times I have riden there) so I called them and asked them about that. They said that the personnel are American Red Cross Certified in First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer, so I don't know what this person was referring to. For a unique and fun Hawaiian experience and one of a kind views of Hawaii, I would strongly recommend taking an hour and riding at Gunstock.

Review by: Anonymous     E-mail: Private
Rating: 1     Submitted: 2006-11-27 21:59:58

Comments: Not equipped for accidents that may happen along trail, tour guides do not know basic first aid.

Review by: Paula E.     E-mail: Private
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2006-11-06 21:48:52

Comments: I took my daughter on the scenic ride. The view is incredible and the employees showed a lot of the Hawaiian charm! I loved every minute of it!


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