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Plumeria Apartments Hostel is about a 10-minute bus ride from Waikiki Beach. Catch the #2 bus on the corner or South King Street & Piikoi Street. It's one short block away - you can see the bus stop from Plumeria. There is lots of opportunity to meet beautiful people in Waikiki. The shopping is overkill. The appealing thing about staying at Plumeria, is it is located in a quiet neighborhood where you can relax after a big day in Waikiki, where things are non-stop all day and all night long.

With a full kitchen at Plumeria, you can buy food at the nearby Safeway supermarket and cook it yourself, making it possible to stay a much longer time in Hawaii. Some guests budget their money and stay for 2 or 3 months, especially those from cold climates during the winter season. Be sure to book early for summer vacation and the winter holidays.

Lifetime friends have been made here. Former Plumeria guests often e-mail us, saying their stay in Honolulu was the most mermorable in their life. Japanese college girls who stay at Plumeria especially seem to have fun in Waikiki.

Plumeria Apartments Hostel
1111 Piikoi Street
Honolulu HI, 96814


User Reviews

Rating scale: 1=Poor, 2=Fair, 3=Acceptable, 4=Good, 5=Excelent

Review by: Nora     E-mail:
Rating: 4     Submitted: 2011-09-14 23:13:32

Comments: If I had paid attention to the reviews of this quaint hostel I would never have stayed there. I'm glad I didn't. The staff,were friendly, and if you needed anything, Mariya made sure you had it. Marcus put together fantastic barbecues and Jose was a GREAT chef!! Can't say enough about the place. All I can say is they made me feel like I'd known them for YEARS rather than just weeks. I spent 3 weeks there last month and now that I know about the place, I will be back again! Mahalo for a GREAT time!

Review by: Aus1984     E-mail: Private
Rating: 1     Submitted: 2011-01-26 15:18:06

Comments: We stayed in this place for a week - it was disgusting. It was so dirty that we had to go out and buy cleaning products to give it a clean and keep it clean while we were there. Our duvet was from the goodwill store (still had the tag on) & had miscellaneous stains all over it. Our pillow cases also had hair and fresh stains & we had to ask for them to be changed. I've backpacked for 6 years and didn't expect much knowing that this was a budget accommodation - but was still appalled.

Review by: artpal     E-mail: Private
Rating: 4     Submitted: 2008-11-26 10:39:35

Comments: I spent nine nights there and was very happy. The room was basic and worn, but good for the price. Centrally located in a quiet neighborhood. One block from grocery store, 7-11, and other things like bike rental place, post office, bus stop. I was alone as a woman but never felt scared to walk around at night - just an average middle class neighborhood to me. Started feeling like home after a while. Will go there again.

Review by: thunderchicken     E-mail: Private
Rating: 1     Submitted: 2008-06-30 10:58:21

Comments: I stayed at Plumeria for several weeks. The staff was friendly and the room prices were low. But, overall, the cons outweighed anything positive. Plumeria is a low-rise apartment block on a busy corner in a down-and-out neighbourhood. Drug-related petty crime is rampant. My room (a locked bedroom within a locked apartment) was broken into and my camera stolen. This is not a safe place for young, non-English speaking girls. Keep your blinds closed at all times. Rooms are worn and ants are everywhere.

Review by: Laureen     E-mail: Private
Rating: 2     Submitted: 2007-05-22 15:44:23

Comments: I stayed 4 weeks there in aug/sep while looking for a longterm place. It's relatively clean, the mattresses definitely need changing and there are up to 7 rooms sharing a bathroom (which each can have 2 people in them). The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. but the place went down quickly after the semester start. Some strange people (not travelers) moved in there for longterm and we had police there almost twice a week. I probably wouldn't stay there again. I'm sorry for the people who work there.

Review by: wendy     E-mail: Private
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2007-04-28 01:55:10

Comments: This hostel is really lovely- its basically a family home with a few spare rooms and a separate cabin where there is a nice big kitchen to use - it has beautiful gardens and is very clean - only stay here if you want a quiet relaxing time as it is in the middle of nowhere, you need a car or to be fit as its about 45mins walk from the nearest supermarket. its only a stones throw away from sunset beach, its very pretty.


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