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Rainbows End Hostel

Rainbow's End Surfer Hostel is the only hostel on Maui recommended as a Let's Go absolute favorite! If we're not surfing, airport pickup is available! Rainbows End offers dorm style rooms as well as private rooms, and there is laso a large comfortable lounge with cable tv and videos.

Convieniently located in Paia "The windsurfing capital of the world" Rainbow's End is a friendly home away from home that welcomes both long and short-term travelers in a Da kine, local-style, surfer house. Located in Pa'ia, just a 10 minute drive from Kahului airport.

" ...Clean, friendly, and well-run, this privately owned hostel is within walking distance of both Pa'ia town and the beach..." - Let's Go Hawaii 2003

Rainbows End Surfer Hostel
221 Baldwin Avenue
Paia HI, 96779
Phone: 808 579 9057



User Reviews

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Review by: Eliliquoi     E-mail: elillicoi@gmail.com
Rating: 2     Submitted: 2014-03-17 16:45:41

Comments: I believe Danny summed it up so well, but thought I would put this here too so that people realize its no exageration. I'm curious to see how long good reviewers stayed, as they may have been in and out between major dramas.

Review by: Danny     E-mail: Private
Rating: 1     Submitted: 2011-07-03 03:41:42

Comments: This Hostel Needs It's Own Reality Show I just finished reading some of the reviews posted on this site, and from my personal experience, the good ones are true, and the bad reviews are even more true. I've stayed in Rainbow Hostel on and off for several months, and I experienced an across the board montage of weird and uncomfortable encounters with the owners, as well as sharing some good times with fellow travelers. If you enjoy a bit of drama, well truthfully a lot of drama, Rainbow Hostel is the place for your next travel experience. There's no shortage of drama here. For instance, yes, one of the owner's harass the guests and treat them like naughty children, There is no shortage of weirdness at this hostel. Yes, it is filthy dirty, the floors are covered in dirt, and no one is allowed to wear their slippers or shoes inside the hostel, so basically your feet will become black with dirt from walking around inside this cavernous dark hostel. Yes it is loaded with roaches n cane spiders and a few scorpions here and there. It is true, that you will not be refunded any money if you change your mind and flee for your life from this hostel, so be prepared to kiss your deposit goodbye at the Rainbow Hostel. Not surprisingly the dishes in the kitchen are usually greasy and dirty, due to the fact that the owners are too cheap to buy proper dish soap, and the kitchen towel is always beyond filthy, that kitchen towel is somewhat of a science experiment it seems. Well the bathrooms are occasionally cleaned, but the shower curtains in both bathrooms are covered with a dark moldy slime, so if you stay at this hostel, you will quickly learn how to lean in and away from the flapping, slimy shower curtain, to keep if from touching you. Yes the private rooms are not truly private, the door is but a flimsy piece of fabric and wood, between the paying guest and the noise and chatter of the other guests. Be careful not to wash out any of your personal belongings in the sink, will harass your for using water. The windows are often kept closed, due to the cane burning in the field just across the way, and it is hot and sweltering in Rainbow Hostel. And don't try to run a fan in your room for fear of being harassed for wasting electricity. There are multiple signs all over the place making sure that all guests are aware of how to behave, and how not to behave, to wear shoes, to not wear shoes, to respect the culture, it just goes on and on with the lunacy. Yes, the private rooms are situated right next to the cigarette smoker's picnic table, and there is no curfew out there for them, and blabbering drunken cigarette smokers sometimes do hang out at that table, drunkenly chattering till all hours of the morning. I personally did not have any problems with deposit or payments with the staff at the hostel, The bunk beds were apparently built with small children in mind, it is completely impossible to stretch out, or sit up in any of the bunk beds. Seriously, I'm only 5'5", and I was not able to stretch out in the bunk beds. I was never bitten by bed bugs at this hostel. Oh, and if you have any valuables, do not bring them to this hostel, there is no where to lock up your valuables, you'll be toting them around with you when you head out for the day. All in all, the Rainbow Hostel has everything an adventurous traveler would want, and I do mean adventurous. This hostel is not for the squeamish, or those afraid of bugs, giant spiders, mold, slime, theft, losing your deposit, The only thing that this hostel is lacking, are reality show cameras and a crew, to capture the non-stop strangeness of the people who own and operate this tropical trap.

Review by: LightOneSun     E-mail: onewiththearth@gmail.com
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2009-10-11 20:05:04

Comments: One of the best times I had on Maui was at this Hostel. I highly reccomend it...very friendly and professional. Very chill relaxed enviornment yet you can get to sleep whenever you feel the need. Cool people and fascinating conversations, this is a true sanctuary for all looking for respite on the island of Maui.

Review by: rbenum     E-mail: Private
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2009-06-03 02:23:18

Comments: I have been to many of Hawaii's hostels and this one is by far the best I've found. Family owned with an incredibly fun staff. While the place is in a great location, the owners/staff are wonderful, and the place is clean, the best thing about this hostel are the people who stay here and sense of community. I will always stay here when I come back to Maui.

Review by: Surfer Mom     E-mail: blaker2@bellsouth.net
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2008-12-21 19:11:49

Comments: What a great place! The German lady cleans like an animal and the place is spotless. I never saw one critter the 3 nights I stayed. You can't beat the convenience either. Also a very friendly staff. Must be the new management. Looking forward to returning on my next trip out.

Review by: sanfrandancer     E-mail: Private
Rating: 1     Submitted: 2008-08-14 00:34:12

Comments: Ridiculously dirty. Bed bugs, Cockroaches, HUGE spiders, and a 5 inch centipede. I can see why they come though...every room is caked in dirt! "Clean up after yourself because your mama doesn't live here" is one of their MANY rules, but even if all of the guests tidy up after themselves, things still need to be scrubbed once in a while. The lid of the trash can was so dirty that I had to wash my hands in hot soapy water everytime I threw something away.

Review by: jennifer S     E-mail: Private
Rating: 1     Submitted: 2008-02-17 13:51:09

Comments: Not worth the risk. First, there has been a major issue on maui about illegal vacation rentals. Well this hostel is un-regulated, which in turn means they do whatever they want. This leads to the second problem, cleanliness. They run a very dirty business. Not too long ago, they had a big problem with bed bugs, which required that many of the mattresses be disposed of. This is one of the hidden danger you might face here. And last, safety is a big issue as they will take on anyone who can pay, and this includes the regular drunk. Theft is a problem in this place and a very common. I know as i found some stuff missing and have spoken to a few long term residence who had the same complaints. The town is beautiful. yes this hostel is in a pretty good proximity to everything else, but I wouldn't do it again.

Review by: Ris     E-mail: Private
Rating: 4     Submitted: 2007-11-22 21:44:14

Comments: I really enjoyed my stay here. The town of Paia is great with restaurants and friendly athletic hippy people. It's all about the surf! So the staff was wonderful and not tolerant of any excess partying or bad attitudes. A small problem with bed bugs but they were quick to jump and eliminate the problem. I do recommend checking this place out.

Review by: SugarPie     E-mail: Private
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2007-03-14 19:31:24

Comments: I loved this place! Gotta check it out if you love to surf! Ciao


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