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Lobo Del Mar is a family owned & operated charter and entertainment company located in the beautiful town of Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our water activities allow you to experience the beauty of Hawaii's waters whether its diving below its depths on a scuba tour, gliding on top of the sea in one of our tour boats, or drifting above the ocean in our parasail chute!

Lobo Del Mar

Hilo HI,
Phone: 808-934-7977
Phone: 808-557-3763
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Review by: YD     E-mail: yuliadrob@hotmail.com
Rating: 1     Submitted: 2008-12-01 18:41:02

Comments: I believe the Lava Boat Tour is not appropriate for small children. It is a very rough ride. The boat is small too. My little daughter hit her head very hard against the edge: there was nothing to hold on to. She was crying all the way and wanted to stop the boat. My son got very nauseous and vomitted. I think that the owners should disclose to their customers that the ride is not appropriate for small children. We could not enjoy the ride either watching our kids getting sick.

Review by: JJ Gianquinto     E-mail: jgianquint@aol.com
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2007-01-30 14:36:26

Comments: In my earlier review, I neglected to include Rachel's grandparents, the people who hold that family together. They are absolutely a treat to know. DE sailors, take note- there is another one out there, and sea stories are welcome!

Review by: JJ Gianquinto     E-mail: jgianquint@aol.com
Rating: 5     Submitted: 2007-01-30 14:33:21

Comments: The family operating the company welcomes strangers in a manner unique. We experienced their magnificent hospitality in a way we could never have foreseen. Rachel, at the Hilo Hawaiian desk, her uncles Ruppy and Bart, her mother, aunts, cousins--wonderful. The harbor cruise was a true and valued pleasure. Carrol's book is a real in sight to the family- - BUY IT! you will never be treated so well again.


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